Is this food?


Is this food?

This is what my 10 year old son says to me when I try to make something different for dinner.  Or, What smells like barf?  Or, Are we suppose to eat this?  Or, Is that green stuff?  Yes, all lovely sentiments when it comes to the food I just spent hours slaving over the hot stove for.  My response is yes you must try everything and please don’t make those comments in front of your sister.

So, here I am a holistic nutritionist and my family eats, ok, at best.  I have a super picky son, hubby and daughter who will eat anything and myself, a vegetarian.  This makes meal planning hard and stressful.  I end up making the same thing over and over again, especially for the son and it’s getting really boring.  


At last count I had 78 cookbooks. 78!  Yet I still only use a couple and when I do try something new and we like it, I promptly forget about it in a couple of days and have completely forgotten about it when it comes time to meal plan.  

How am I going to shake things up?  I have a plan, sort of, want to hear it?

  • Make a list.  Something like a positive/negative list when you are making those life altering decisions.  What I know about our families eating patterns; likes, dislikes, favourites, WILL NOT EAT, etc
  • Meals that everyone can eat.  I am a vegetarian, I will on occasion eat seafood if there is no other option.  Very rarely.  I need to find meals that I can cook a meat version and a veggie version with not much fuss.  I worry about my protein and iron intake and will be monitoring these during this transition.


  • Make ahead meals.  When I did eat meat, this was very handy and every couple of months I would spend a Sunday afternoon making freezer meals for the next month.  Unfortunately the cookbook I used called for canned soups, packets of ready made onion soup and some other not healthy ingredients.  I will be searching for make ahead meals that use more natural ingredients, easily heated up with the option of a meat and veggie options.
  • Get my butt off the computer/phone/tablet and do some prep.  Sure I love sitting and cruising the internet looking at home decor, beautiful food photos and vacation spots.  But I need to start to get organized and that is going to be me making time in my day to organize, prep and make ahead what I need for the next day or week.
  • Get over the mess.  I like when I am cooking dinner, but hate the clean up and the mess.  This is usually why I don’t really bother with making a vegetarian option at meal time, which would involve more dishes to clean.  So I end up eating the veggies and carb portion of what the rest of the families eats.  Can you say, not too healthy.
  • Create a master shopping list.  This will be a master list with a section of  ingredients I  need to have on hand at all times to make some core meals.  For example, my husband LOVES pho for lunch on the weekends, I am going to find a recipe, make ahead the beef broth, keep this in the freezer along with some thinly sliced beef, noodles and various vegetables for a quick pho.  Also the kids love chicken fingers for lunch, I will buy bulk chicken (from my favourite rancher) and make ahead chicken fingers for the freezer for these days.  I love curry, I will make ahead the freezer portion of the curry and have vegetables on hand to add.

My focus will be whole foods.  I will purchase from my favourite rancher for my beef and chicken.  Be testing recipes on the kids, especially the picky one, bringing our food budget down and less waste.  Streamline our menu planning, get the kids involved and at the end (is there an end?) we should have everyone in the family eating healthy, making good decisions and a lower food bill.  There will be tweaking along the way as I see how the family reacts, break throughs and comments from the family. 

 Next week I am going to show you my positive/negative list and come up with my strategy.



It’s been a long time


Here’s to a warm and wonderful day

I say this to be positive, as I speak it is -23 and with the windchill it feels like -30.  Calgary has been cold for awhile now and we are so over it.  

We here at Refresh have been very sporadic with our posting and do apologize.  This life thing that happens every day really has been getting in the way.  One of the reason I (Sheri) have not written in a while is that I hate my writing style.  I have awful grammar, sound a bit opinionated and maybe bossy (hmm, wonder where our daughter get’s it from), punctuation is sad.  So I just don’t write. 

But I have much to say and so I am going to start back up.  Please excuse my grammar, punctuation and bossiness and take what you can from what I write.  I am going to write about a bunch of stuff, things that I like, things I don’t like, what I think you should be eating, maybe what you shouldn’t be eating, local food businesses, the farmer’s markets around town, people I think are kick ass in what they are doing, etc..  

I know nothing about SEO, how to build a landing page, what to include in my title for it to be more searchable on Google, etc. but I am going to write anyways.  One day I will take the time to figure it out, but right now my family, the kids, our home is important.  If, ever, I get a full day to myself I will apply it to learning how to promote this little blog to something we think should be read and bookmarked. 

Follow us on Instagram, see our new link to the right. We are more active on there and you can see what we eat, what is going on and where we go. 

Thanks a bunch for reading.


How we feel today

How we feel today

Did you know…..



The first rule of eating is to eat when we are hungry. We eat for many reasons such as to nourish ourselves, our organs, our tissues, and every cell in the body. It helps ours bodies function but we also eat out of loneliness, frustration as a reward or punishment. Our emotions influence our digestive functions as much as any system in our bodies. Getting into a peaceful and receptive state is important to healthy food consumption. It is important to make enough time to nourish our bodies and plan our nourishment. Have you ever  found yourself hungry and then reaching for or buying an unhealthy choice. Well, I definitely have and know through experience that planning is key for me.


If you need some help with meal planning and healthy choices tailored to meet your needs,  please feel free to contact us!



Eat your Greens!

This week Refresh Holistic Nutrition challenges you to eating at least one green food each day whether you have it raw, in a smoothie or lightly steamed. Tell us how you feel after this week.  It will make a difference in your life and energy levels!

Mindful Eating

How was your week with setting goals and being more mindful of your food choices? This week I am inviting you to participate in a challenge!!  There is a lot of information about adding more greens to our diets but why is this so important and how do I go about doing  this?

What can greens do for me? Greens are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, water and phytonutrients that can help  protect you from  heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer. They are such an important part of any addition to your diet. Some of the foods that are considered to be greens are romaine lettuce, kale, collard greens, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli and cabbage, to list just a few.

So my challenge this week is to have at least one green food added to your day whether you eat them raw with some hummus, as a salad,  in a smoothie or steamed with a meal. Try to incorporate one green food  each day and try a new one that you have not had before.

I would love to hear about the greens that you try and the inventive ways that you build them into your day. If daily is tricky, set a realistic SMART goal ( outlined in a previous post).

I love this chart created by Young and Raw. Drinking greens is quick and easy. To help plan ahead for the week, cut up your veggies and divide them up for each day so that they are ready to blend up.


Enjoy and have a great week!